xCrane is an electrical control system for mobile cranes and trailer functions. It offers the best user experience in the market despite of the hydraulic solution. xCrane provides fast response times and smooth individual controls for each operator.

Product range


Maximum performance and productivity; the xCrane control system is fast,  accurate and easy to use.


Key features:


  • the perfect solution for new cranes or as a retro fit for existing cranes
  • optimal control for both current and voltage controlled valves
  • low maintenance cost, the xCrane is compatible with a wide range of joysticks
  • user friendly; the xCrane logical user interface is quick to learn and easy to use

xCrane Plus

Bringing the tip control available to cranes  without sensors. Suits perfectly for both new and retrofit cranes. It is designed for operators who need both parallel boom control and traditional control depending on the work phase.


Key features:


  • provides all the xCrane benefits
  • supports traditional control support
  • parallel boom control support
  • unique Technion Control mode makes your loading and unloading work phase significantly faster
  • operator can select between the control modes easily from the touch screen display

xCrane Pro

xCrane PRO is extremely effective, fast and precise. With xCrane Pro operators can control the tip of the boom instead of controlling each cylinder separately.


Key features:


  • provides all the xCrane and xCrane PLUS benefits
  • user can select between tip control, parallel boom control, Technion control and traditional control
  • provides significant productivity increase
  • the system enables automatic movement limitations in overload situations.
  • for the cranes with sensors (sensors in slew, lift, outerboom and boom extension).
  • end cushions for lift boom, outer boom and slew increase well-being at work and the lifetime of the crane.

The xCrane control system is designed to adapt with multiple mobile crane applications

Forest harvester and forwarder crane control

Truck and stationery crane control


Tractor integrated crane control

Trailer crane control