CAN Keypads

Designed to sustain even harsh conditions

Blink Marine´s  PRO series CAN keypads are designed to sustain even harsh conditions. They are immune to soil, sand, mud, oil, water, and different chemicals. They offer a customizable insert by letting you choose your individual inserts from hundreds of pre-existing keys. Simple icons on large and LED-light buttons make the reading of the keypad easy in any situation.


Radio Controls

High quality and versatile radio remote controls

Technion is the authorized partner of ARCON remote products in Finland. Arcon’s high quality and versatile radio remote controls are a perfect enlargement for the Technion offering of control system components. Arcon remotes are easily integrated with Technion controller units and crane control systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to ask more about compatibility with your project!

Topcon displays

Opus displays for a variety of different end usages

Topcon´s Opus display product range is suitable for a variety of different end usages. Opus consoles are well-equipped to withstand extreme weather, shocks, vibration, condensation, and corrosion.