Technion Oy is part of the German HYDAC Group, a global manufacturer of high-quality hydraulics and control systems. Technion’s role in the group is to design and manufacture innovative and high-quality control system solutions for the leading mobile machinery manufacturers around the world. Technion currently employs 100 hardened professionals and the total number of employees in the HYDAC family is roughly 10 000.

Getting the Job Done

The core values of our fair and solution-oriented work community is responsibility, positivity, diversity, openness and trust.

We acknowledge our employees’ important role in our company’s success and want to support their well-being  at work and outside work. We like to think that the benefit of our community is the beneft of our customers.

At Technion you get to develop and produce high-quality and innovative control systems and manufacturing services for mobile machinery. You’ll get to be truly proud of your work and the achievements of your team.

We are a part of the global HYDAC Group. HYDAC is a stable family- owned company with long traditions. Although being part of a big organisation we have a low hierarchy and the decisions are made locally. In a growing organisation there are opportunities to have an impact on processes and activities. Our employees agree on one of our strengths being a solution-oriented work atmosphere where all our employees’ development ideas and opinions are acknowledged and respected. We have a laid back and straight forward style of doing things. Our organisation is small enough for you to feel part of a family, but big enough to provide interesting career options.

You will get a chance to develop your skills together with skilled professionals in a tight knit community. We support your work efforts with up-to-date tools and equipment, software, and training. We care about your well-being with exercise, culture and well-being benefits, leisure insurance, and recreational company activities.

A career as a Web Developer at Technion

Our product development team develops automatic control systems for customers with mobile work machines or vehicles. The best part for our team is being able to challenge our expertise in new projects. We get excited about customer applications as well as the development of our own forest machine products. We conduct product development both on a project basis for customers and in the long term for our own products. We continuously improve our operations to ensure that we enjoy our work and can develop innovative and high-quality solutions to our customers’ challenges. Read more…


Tommi - Software Design Manager

Tommi thinks the best part about his job as software design manager is the versatility. He has been working at Technion since 2012 and says that one of the reasons he enjoys his work is Technion’s low hierarchy and the fact that employees get to influence their work life. Read Tommi’s whole story…

Mira - Assembly Worker

Mira has been working at Technion with the assembly of wire harnesses for over 10 years. She also guides new employees at their job. Assembly work is often considered production line work, but Mira explains that at Technion it is independent manual work where you get to see the end-result. Assembly work is done during the day, and it is possible to utilize flexible hours. Read Mira’s whole story… 

Erno - Financial Administration

Erno worked at Technion as a summer employee in the summer of 2022. He found the job on LinkedIn and thought the job description matched his business studies. Erno’s job consisted of invoicing and taking care of orders and shipments. Erno was looking forward to seeing how his theoretical financial background would work in practice. Read Erno’s whole story…

Miikka - Development Engineer

Development engineer Miikka is a returnee who worked for another company for a few years and returned to Technion when he received an offer for a different role than he had before. Lately Miikka has been responsible for organising and optimising the production facilities. He enjoys the versatile nature of his job and explains that Technion has a straightforward atmosphere where everyone gets heard. Read Miikka’s whole story… 

Jasper - Project Manager

Jasper’s career at Technion started with a summer job in the production department. In 2020 he moved to technical sales support and was given even more responsibility later that same year. Jasper enjoys his current role as project manager because he feels that no two days are the same. The best thing about his job is solving customers’ problems and working with different kinds of people. Read Jasper’s whole story…

Open positions

Open application

Tampere, Naantali, Forssa

Even though we might not have an open position for you right now you can send us an open application if you are interested in working with us. We are constantly on the search for new talent especially software developers and production employees. You can send your open application by email to hr@technion.fi and we will be in touch.