Technion offers a full range of machine control components such as electronic control units, displays, connectivity platforms, keypads, and radio control systems.


TTControl & Technion controllers

Our controller portfolio represents the highest quality and is designed to withstand harsh environments and fulfill the latest safety standards. Our high-end controllers satisfy upcoming needs for a wide range of high-end applications for forestry and agriculture machinery or construction vehicles. 


High-performance displays

Our operator interfaces are built to shift off-highway machinery towards more automation. Our displays facilitate user interaction, allow for handling complex machinery tasks and enable flexibility and efficiency.

Connectivity & IoT

Connecting mobile machinery

We offer IoT gateways and complete out-of-the-box cloud management platforms with true plug-and-play functionality. On top of that, our offering includes an advanced platform for the management of in-vehicle architectures.

Supplementary products

Radio controls, CAN keypads and Topcon displays

We provide supplementary products such as radio controls, CAN keypads, and displays. All supplementary products are easily integrated with our controllers. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to ask more about compatibility with your project.