Erno - Financial Administration


I started working for Technion as a financial administration summer employee in the beginning of June 2022, so at the moment of this interview I’ve only gained a few weeks worth of experience. My contract ends in the end of august.

I found Technion on LinkedIn through a job advertisement and the description seemed both interesting and relevant for my studies. I currently study business at the University of Vaasa. I have been studying for four years and my bachelor’s degree is almost done. I’m majoring in economics and my minors are finance and accounting. In the future I would probably like to work for the corporate and banking sector with e.g. data analytics which I find very interesting.

My summer job at Technion will benefit my minor studies in particular; I’ll get valuable insight about how financial administration processes work in real life. Not everything can be learned in school and that’s why my summer job works as an excellent complement to my current studies.




My job here at Technion mainly consists of invoicing and handling orders but also of various other financial administration tasks. In addition to this I will be developing our financial forecasting and other Excel based tools. This gives me an excellent opportunity to utilize my skills with Excel macros and my effort will hopefully benefit the current processes.

A typical workday consists of registering invoices and usually starts with me checking my mail for new invoices. My job also includes ordering shipments and transport.

At this point of the summer, it’s still hard to say what will be my favourite task and what will start to feel like a routine. Now everything still feels new and exciting, but I feel like all the excel related projects will be most interesting.

My first impression of our work community is that my colleagues are nice, and the atmosphere seems relaxed. It’s easy even for a new employee to get to know everyone.


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