Tommi - Software Design Manager


I develop software platforms for our own products here at Technion. My office is situated in Tampere where we have a team of about ten product development experts in addition to me.

My journey at Technion started in 2012 when I came here to create a new control platform, the TEC172, with my colleagues. Creating this well-working and much appreciated platform has been one of the most rewarding experiences over the years.

Since the beginning of my career at Technion the main focus of my role has shifted more towards practical applications. I started out with control platform development which was more of a low end software development task on a process architecture level. Nowadays I work more closely with the application side and participate in customer projects.




My job is varied and a typical work day includes a lot of changes that needs to be reacted to. I typically solve problems for our customers, work with basic development tasks, and help my colleagues with their projects.

The best aspect of my job is the versatility. What I like about Technion as a smaller organisation is that we have a low hierarchy and no unnecessary bureaucracy.

At Technion you don’t have to wait for somebody to drop a boring task at your table for you to execute according to a ready-made plan. Instead you will be able to influence what you do and how you do it. Technion is a place where you can advance your ideas and have an impact on your career.


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