Our product range offers the solution for all market areas and most of the heads. Despite of the level of information you need for the user interface, there are no compromises for the head control. All Logger systems are equipped with the identical head control functions. Check the supported heads from here >>

Product range


Cost-effective and easy-to-use control & measuring system for roller and stroke harvester heads, when less is more. Gets the job done!


Key features:

  • bucking
  • multiple language support
  • 6 preselected species
  • 160 preselected lengths per species
  • production handling per operator
  • multiple worksites
  • supports bark reduction functions (e.g. HKS)
  • calliper and printer connections
  • an intelligent 5V output control especially for the excavator use



Bestselling harvester head control & measuring system in the most compact package. Suitable for all the market areas supporting also StanForD 2010.


Key features:

  • all the Logger features
  • priority bucking
  • StanForD 2010 compatible
  • extended operations follow-up
  • sufficient number of species for all operators
  • sufficient number of preselected lengths per species
  • assistive length and diameter calibration
  • supports external keyboard
  • enables crane control integration


The state-of-the-art harvester control and information system for optimized value bucking and harvesting.


Key features:

  • all the Logger and iLogger features
  • value and demand bucking
  • 8,4” TFT display or 12,1” touch screen
  • composite video support
  • optional PC enables MS Windows based applications
  • supports location information and remote file transfer
  • optional A4 printer
  • enable fully integrated harvester head and machine control