The whistle-blowing reporting channel is an anonymously defined channel in EU legislation through which one can report suspicious activities related to a company’s operations. The reporting channel is open to both employees of the company and other stakeholders.

Technion Oy’s goal and approach are to develop business openly and ethically sustainably. Reporting suspected misconduct provides an opportunity to address, prevent, or rectify any improprieties and wrongdoings.

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Examples of misconduct reportable through the channel

Misconduct that can be reported through the channel may include:

  • corruption
  • money laundering
  • product safety and environmental issues
  • violation of labor rights (e.g., human trafficking)
  • actions contrary to our values or principles and guidelines of good business conduct that may have serious consequences for Technion Oy, our customers, stakeholders, or individuals.

When should a report be made?

The person making the report must be convinced of the factual accuracy of their report and act in an honest and sincere manner. Accusations should not be made with the intention of causing harm, nor when one knows them to be false.

How to make a report?

When making a report, the person can choose whether to do so anonymously or using their name. The report should be categorized, and the suspected misconduct should be described as accurately as possible, including the time of occurrence.

Handling of reports

Only specifically designated reviewers have access to the submitted reports. All reports are handled carefully and confidentially. If a report is submitted anonymously, the identity of the reporter is not attempted to be identified in any way. If a report is made using one’s name, the reporter’s identity will be protected throughout the entire process and not disclosed to those mentioned in the report or other individuals.

Monitoring of report processing

The processing of an anonymously submitted report cannot be tracked. If the reporter wishes to receive a response to their report, they should provide the report using their name.

>>> Click here to make a report (currently only in finnish)