Testing the tip control function together with Mesera

We have developed a smart boom control system for mobile cranes that is being tested by crane manufacturer Mesera Cranes Finland in their crane prototype. The new Tip Control-system for cranes is based on our xCranes control system, which is a turnkey solution for electrical control systems for mobile cranes. There is a PLUS feature available for the basic xCrane system, which gives the normal boom parallell boom control features. As the newest option there is also a PRO feature – Tip Control.

A crane with a tip control system automatically makes several moves with one control lever move. Mesera’s test crane was equipped with Technion’s electrical xCrane PRO control system. Thanks to the new system, one control lever move automatically moves all three crane cylinders. This means that each boom part does not need separate control, instead automation takes care of everything.

The tip control system makes crane work easier and more efficient, which leads to more productive crane work every hour and every day. It also makes learning faster for unexperienced crane drivers and offers clear advantages also for experienced users by increasing safety.

Read the whole article in Finnish in Metsäalan ammattilehti on pages 42-43




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