FMWM 24 Exhibition Recap


The FMWM 24 exhibition, held last week in Tampere, brought together key players in the mobile work machine industry to discuss future trends. We had the opportunity to share exciting insights and explore new ideas. We extend our thanks to all visitors, customers, speakers, and collaborators who made this event a success.

The exhibition featured a wide array of innovative topics, with the electrification of mobile work machines being a main discussion point. Experts engaged in discussions on the latest advancements in electric propulsion systems, highlighting the shift towards more sustainable and efficient technologies.

Data and artificial intelligence also received significant attention, with presentations and demonstrations showcasing how these technologies are revolutionizing the industry. From predictive maintenance to optimized performance, the integration of data and AI is paving the way for smarter and more responsive mobile work machines.



Autonomy and robotics were hot topics, with cutting-edge developments in autonomous mobile work machines and robotic systems. Demonstrations highlighted the potential for increased safety, efficiency, and precision in various applications. As machines become more efficient and autonomous, ensuring safety becomes more important than ever.

These discussions all stem from the need for more sustainable business models. The world needs change, and in the mobile work machine sector, the greatest impact can be made through environmentally responsible operations and the long-term viability of solutions.



Hydac Group’s latest innovation that aligns with these aforementioned topics is TTControl’s Fusion. The Fusion system raised a lot of interest among attendees. This newly announced system combines IoT, cloud computing, AI, and robust hardware to create a smart and versatile control system entity. In addition to utilizing the latest hardware and software technology, the system is safety certified to meet the most demanding needs. For more information about TTC Fusion, get in touch with Tuomo Vuolle, our Product Manager for TTC products. Get in touch >>>

We thank everyone who participated in the FMWM 24 exhibition and look forward to continuing our discussions. Your engagement and support are crucial as we continue to drive innovation and excellence in the mobile work machine industry.

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