xCrane PRO – Our most advanced Crane Control System

xCrane PRO has been the flagship of our forestry systems for a while now and for a reason. The intelligent tip control and robust components results in an unbeatable crane control system for professional use. The technology not only enhances precision but significantly boosts efficiency in the field.

xCrane PRO is equipped with IMU sensors that provide exact position information for all sections of the crane, allowing for optimized movements across diverse working environments. Our technology enables effortless switching between traditional crane controls and the innovative tip control mode, adapting to the operator’s needs.

Furthermore, xCrane PRO includes a suite of features designed to unlock the crane’s full potential. From multi-joint control and Quick Trim to progression adjustments and a high-quality touch display, each element is engineered to enhance the user experience. The system also supports up to 24 hydraulic movements and can be extended with additional IO-modules for functionalities such as trailer traction.

For operators concerned with durability, xCrane PRO ensures extended life-expectancy for crane mechanics and includes end damping for each cylinder, ensuring smoother operations and less wear and tear. Additionally, the intelligent detection of loadspace and the continuous monitoring of each crane section ensure that operations are not only efficient but also safe.

In a nutshell, xCrane PRO is not just a tool but a tremendous improvement in quality to any forestry operation. With such innovative features at their fingertips, operators can expect not just to meet but exceed their operational goals with unprecedented ease and precision.

If you are interested in embracing this cutting-edge technology, learn more about the transformative capabilities of xCrane PRO here or get in touch with our sales team.

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